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At Northbrook Dental Group, we recognize that most patients are incredibly busy these days. That’s why we’ve simplified the process of scheduling your dental appointments. On this page, you can either request an appointment time for our team to confirm later, or you can book a visit directly. Of course, you’re also welcome to call us to set up your appointment if you’d prefer.

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By clicking on the following link, you can view all of the appointment openings that are available at Northbrook Dental Group. Simply select the time that best suits your schedule.

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Request a Dental Appointment

The short form below is a convenient way to set up your visit at our Northbrook dental office. After you fill out and submit the requested information, one of the members of our team will reach out to you soon to set up an appointment to address your needs.

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Call Our Dental Office Today!

We understand that some patients would rather have their visit scheduled by calling our dental office and speaking with our team. You’re always welcome to do that if that’s what you prefer!

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