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Complete Your Smile with Lifelike Restorations

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Having a few missing teeth can make it difficult to smile proudly at the people in your life. Thankfully, modern dentistry has ways to help you to have a full smile again. At Northbrook Dental Group, Drs. James and Justin Woodruff are well-prepared and well-equipped to complete your smile with a high-quality dental bridge that looks just like real teeth. Contact our office to find out if a dental bridge might be the right treatment for you!

Why Choose Northbrook Dental Group?

  • High-Quality, Lifelike Dental Bridges
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What Is a Dental Bridge?

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A dental bridge is a tooth restoration that is designed to replace one tooth or several consecutive missing teeth. It consists of one or several artificial teeth fixed between two dental crowns or implants. The bridge will be securely anchored on either side of the gap, creating a sturdy grip that won’t let the appliance slide out of place when the patient is eating or speaking. Dental bridges from our office in Northbrook are made out of high-quality materials, allowing them to seamlessly match the color, shape, and luster of the rest of the teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

Before you can receive a dental bridge from Northbrook Dental Group, you’ll need to have a consultation with Dr. Woodruff. He’ll give your mouth a thorough exam, review your medical history, and determine your goals so he can devise an appropriate treatment plan. There are different types of dental bridges for different situations. He may recommend one of the following:

Traditional Dental Bridge

Traditional Bridge

A traditional dental bridge replaces one or several missing teeth in a row by anchoring the artificial teeth between two dental crowns. These crowns must be attached to healthy natural teeth on either side of the gap.

Implant Bridge

Implant bridge?

An implant bridge is held in place with dental implants placed in the jawbone instead of crowns cemented to the remaining teeth. This provides a stronger and more stable foundation for the bridge that delivers superior biting force and chewing power. While having the implants placed may take some months, the superior results are well worth the wait.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

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Having your missing teeth replaced with a dental bridge at our Northbrook office carries an array of benefits, including:

  • Preserving the alignment of your existing teeth.
  • Improving your oral health.
  • Beautifying your smile.
  • Bridges can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Implant bridges can preserve jawbone structure.
  • With excellent care, traditional bridges can last up to fifteen years and implant bridges can last more than thirty-five years.