At Northbrook Dental Group, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!


    "Dr. James Woodruff and his son Dr. Justin Woodruff are incredible dentists. Their office is beautiful, and I left with my teeth sparkling!     Thank you, Sandy! I am continuously impressed by the Woodruffs’ professionalism, care, and kindness. Dental dream team!"

     "I have seen Donna the dental hygienist for several years. She is great and a big reason I visit this practice. I met Dr Woodruff for the first time and it was a pleasant experience. His personality fit this practice perfectly and I was very pleased with my first experience. I highly recommend this dental practice to anyone young or old."

     "Dr. Woodruff and his outstanding staff made my appointment for a broken tooth smooth and painless. I highly recommend this office!"


  "I just had my 6 month cleaning and exam with Donna…she did a great job as always…not only do my teeth look great…but it’s always great to catch up with her! I also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Justin Woodruff…he was very nice and very thorough…once again my overall experience was very good!"


    "This was my second dental visit with Dr. Woodruff Sr. My cleaning tech, Donna, always does a super job and offers helpful advice to maintain good hygiene. Dr, Woodruff does a thorough exam, answers concerns with details and has a light touch. I am happy the atmosphere in the office has not changed. It is welcoming, serene, and very competent"


   "Met with Dr. Woodruff at the end of my cleaning session with Donna. He is a very personable person and is an excellent replacement for Dr. Fernitz who has retired."

   "As always, Donna did an excellent, thorough cleaning. She also offers great tips to keep your mouth clean & healthy. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Woodruff for the 1st time. He did a follow-up check-up. The office is immaculate & efforts are made to keep it clean & safe for every patient. I highly recommend these dental experts."

   "Sandy is always great … and I’ve known Dave Fernitz since high school where we were on the swim team together. Strange not seeing him, but Dr. Woodruff seems to be a great choice to take over the practice. Nice guy who seems very caring and competent … and staff seems to embrace him and how he has handled his taking over the practice. I know Dave wanted it that way … a good fit for his old friends/patients like me!"

   "Exceeded expectations in every way! Dr. Woodruff is very personable and kind. Cancer screenings of the mouth a necessity. He’s on it. Happy to call him my dentist."

  "I saw Dr. Woodruff for the first time since Dr.Dave Fernitz semi retired recently and he was what I expected. Dr. Dave had selected perfect replacement for him. I’m pleased to have 2 new professional dentists that can count on to take care of my future dental needs."

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